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《The Jing Si Aphorisms by Dharma Master Cheng Yen》

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Background of Gadelius
Gadelius is a famous electromechanical products agent and manufacturing group worldwide, established in 1890, located in Goteborg, Sweden. Gadelius had opened a Japan branch in 1907. Gadelius’ success is based on the founder Knut Gadelius's philosophy of introducing unique, high-quality, high-technology products to the market. Gadelius’s mission is to increase products’ additional value rely on the input/output of the products and technique; further, the original research and development, manufacturing, production technique and marketing service.
As China’s branch company of Gadelius Group, Shanghai Gadelius Electronic & Machine Co., Ltd. has become one of the most scaled foreign companies since 1996, also a most characteristic cooperation partner. Product lines include Gadelius pump series, Global pump series, fire fighting system, and INOXPA sanitary pumps. Shanghai Gadelius had owned an engineering center, product warehouse center, technique training center in Shanghai to ensure the reasonable usage of Gadelius products.
Shanghai Gadelius devotes continuously to develop new techniques, products, services and improve products to benefit humankind and also being very attractive to the public. Company has established a new brand, ETA, for health care products, such as medical bed, electronic bike and wheelchair for elder to increase product techniques and services since 2008. Shanghai Gadelius invites sincerely any company who has the same management principle and model to join our sales network to develop both domestic and international market.

| Updated:2012.08.02